29 October 2008

Pace/MPH conversion chart for treadmilling

It's that time of year again. Time to reconcile my differences with the monster in the basement. He lurks in the corner of the family room, quitely mocking me from behind when I sit on the couch watching TV. When the weather's nice outside, I pay no attention to him because I can lace up and run far, far away. But, on days like today when it's 20-something outside and I lay in bed knowing that my running gear is already laid out for an early morning run, the treadmill sounds almost appealing. It wasn't appealing enough to get up and run on it (or outside), but I know I have to face the fact that I'd rather run miles and miles on the treadmill than outside in the bitter cold.

One of the things that bugs me about the treadmill has always been trying to figure out my pace. It's pretty easy when I set it to 6.0 MPH, but math's not my thing otherwise. So, I created myself a treadmill cheat sheet so I can see what pace I'm running based on the miles per hour. I'm sure there are fancier treadmills that have a pace option, but mine doesn't. I know that Garmin sells an adaptor for indoor use that would allow me to use my 305, but it was a lot cheaper to open up Excel and fire up the laminator. I thought I'd give back to the "community" and offer it to anyone that wants it, too (click on the chart to save it to your computer or if you'd like a .pdf version in better quality, email me at illrunfordonuts [at] gmail.com). Here it is. Happy 'milling.
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